Physiotherapy and Yoga

Physiotherapy and Yoga

Our hospital physiotherapist delivers excellent handling in cases pertaining to:

  • Pain management as in cervical spondylitis, low back pain etc
  • Restoration of joint mobility eg. frozen shoulder
  • Facilitating muscular strength
  • Sports injuries
  • Neurological conditions like Cerebral Palsy
  • Geriatric issues

Our physiotherapist has been dedicated in this field for more than ten years in which the prime
domain revolves around:
1. Making the pregnancy duration as that comfortable for the female with due emphasis on
the management of all likely complications.
2. Preparation of a female’s body for normal delivery with the requisite stretching and
relaxation techniques.
3. Recouping the pre-pregnancy muscular strength, stamina and body statistics.

The sessions are hereby held every month wherein along with the general awareness and guidance,
the client is addressed individually too for the specific body insufficiencies
Dr Smriti Sobti