Medical Termination of Pregnancy

    • Certified MTP (Medical Termination of Pregnancy) Hospital in Delhi, India
    • CAC (Comprehensive Abortion Care) services by RMPs (Registered Medical Practitioners)
    • WHO (World Health Organization) prescribed safe methods and procedures
    • Medical Abortion procedures that are safe, healthy, legal and confidential
    • 1-day abortion procedure with no overnight hospital stay required
    • MTP qualified and experienced gynecologists, doctors, nurses, and medical support staff
    • MTP facilities for comprehensive patient care
    • Abortion aftercare, counseling and health recovery
    • 100% patient satisfaction guarantee

We are Safe

Patient health and well being is our priority.  We offer safe abortion procedures in accordance with The World Health Organization’s medical standards and prescribed methods.

We are Legal

We are in a certified hospital for medical termination of pregnancy. The procedure is conducted in compliance with Indian law, by certified gynecologists, doctors, and nursing staff.

We are Confidential

All patient information including discussions with medical staff are private and confidential, protected by patient medical privacy laws.

Why do patients prefer us

Besides seeking safe, legal, and comprehensive abortion care, below are a few more important reasons why patients travel here from around India and several countries in the world.

    • Comfort provided with a patient-first focus.
    • Certified MTP facility authorized to provide comprehensive abortion care procedures as a medical institution.
    • Privacy is provided to all patients and all matters concerning an abortion procedure are fully confidential. Patients traveling to the hospital from other places around the world value and appreciate privacy.
    • Post-abortion counseling provided at JCM Hospital is critical for expedited, safe, and healthy patient recovery.
    • Fully staffed with a team of highly qualified gynecologists, doctors and nurses focused on abortion procedures.  
    • Experienced in handling the full range of abortion procedures for over 30 years, with a focus on patient health.
    • Fully equipped with the latest in medical technologies specific to high-quality abortion procedures including for procedures such as SoftTouch and manual vacuum aspiration.
    • Convenient location in the center of Delhi city with easy access to public transport, hotel stays, and necessary patient amenities. Direct flights and excellent transport to the city are available.

MTP Services

Our hospital provides comprehensive and customized options for medical termination of pregnancy.  We are registered as an MTP Center by the Government of Delhi. Here we provide safe and lawful care during the entire period of diagnosis to post-abortion counseling, pain minimization, and healthy patient recovery.

Our options include both medical methods (with medicines), suction evacuation as per the patient’s indication. These are same-day abortion procedures, where the patient can arrive at a stipulated time, undergo the procedure in a planned manner, and return in the evening or the very next day, depending on the number of weeks of pregnancy.

We provide abortion (medical termination of pregnancy) services by maintaining high standards of medical care and patient safety.  Our comprehensive medical team of certified gynecologists, doctors, and registered nurses with vast experience and training are equipped to handle the full range of abortion procedures with ease, safety and comfort to the patient.

We have been running these services for the last 35 years and all our patients have undergone successful abortion procedures and recovery.  We combine the latest technology, constant training, and innovative medical practices, to ensure the best patient-oriented care. This applies to abortion procedures as well as post-procedural recovery.