Gynaecology & Obstetrics

Gynaecology & Obstetrics

Women care department of JCMH is dedicated to provide comprehensive services for the optimal reproductive health and gynecological well being of women.
We have a dedicated team of gynecologist, obstetrician, surgeons and trained nurses which ensures optimal care. Services offered:-
(1) Maternity services:- We at JCMH understand that motherhood is most beautiful period of women’s life & this is taken care by active involvement of hospital staff & family members during her pregnancy, childbirth and post natal period.
To provide optimal care during pregnancy & after delivery we conduct ‘Vatsalya’ antenatal classes every month which are joined by family members.
Guidance on maternity services from conception to delivery is given through our vatsalya antenatal class whatsapp group, which daily send them videos + information regarding pregnancy problems with solutions.

(2) High risk pregnancy care :- We at JCMH are equipped with all the latest facilities and trained staff, enough to take care of high risk pregnancy cases when the mother & the child are at high risk like, pregnancy with blood pressure, diabetes, thyroid and rh negative blood group etc.

(3) Minimal invasive laparoscopic gynecology operations are done some of them are –
Laparoscopy hysterectomy
Laparoscopy Myomectomy operations
Laparoscopy cystectomy
Management of ectopic pregnancy
Hysteroscopy surgeries
Fertility restoration surgeries

(4) Gynecology processes like –
Pap smear
HPV DNA testing
Vaccines for the cervical cancer prevention

(5) Gynecological endocrinology commonly dealt problems like PCOS, hirsutism with menstrual problems and problems related to conception are managed medically, surgically and with dietetic advice.

(6) Managing infertility for infertile couples with various ARTs. (assisted reproductive technique) like –

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