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Antenatal Classes

God cannot be everywhere so he has created a mother!!

 This is so true… and that is why whenever a child is born,  a mother takes birth too. 

Motherhood is a greatly cherished dream of every growing woman, and, we at our maternity center, help antenatal mothers to fulfill their dream by supporting and guiding them through their nine-month journey positively & joyful.

While pregnancy is a beautiful experience of carrying a new life within, it brings some discomfort,  problems, anxieties, and fear amongst some would-be mothers. To give confidence to our pregnant mother we run monthly antenatal classes. This makes them feel that they are not alone as we are with them always. 

These classes educate and prepare them for :

    1. Changes & discomfort in normal pregnancy & their resolution.
    2. Healthy eating & weight gain.
    3. Expected changes in body shape, joint, muscles  pains & aches as well as relief from them
    4. Breastfeeding and neonatal care
    5. Identifying high-risk pregnancy & managing them
    6. Diet in normal pregnancy & specialized diet for mother suffering from obesity, gestational diabetes
    7. (GDM) & high blood pressure

The whole education is imparted through audio-video aided lectures and display classes followed by complimentary refreshments provided t o the mothers by us. The jobs in done by a qualified team of professionals under Dr. Surekha Jain which includes a qualified dietician and physiotherapist providing individual attention to all patients. 

All pregnant ladies are welcome whether they choose to deliver at our hospital or anywhere else. However, you can join anytime during pregnancy but joining early will give you comprehensive knowledge.

Special provision for cord blood banking is available.